Clash Of Clans Lava Hound GAMEPLAY !

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How to Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans with FeaturePoints! + Clash of Clans Gameplay!

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Intro – “Come To Die” By The Mask

Outro – “We Going On” By Paul Atrocity
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NEW Singleplayer Clash of Clans – with Gameplay! Update Vov-cept for 2018!

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NEW Singleplayer Clash of Clans - with Gameplay! Update Vov-cept for 2018!

NEW Singleplayer Clash of Clans – with gameplay! Check out the concept (vov-cept) – Skeleton Maps Update for 2018!

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Thumbnails by @SythoStudios – follow him on Twitter!

Music: Instrumental Core / Really Slow Motion

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New Singleplayer in Clash of Clans!!! with gameplay (CONCEPT)

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Please watch: “Trading in Clash of Clans With Gameplay (UPDATE CONCEPT) ” –~–
Hey there welcome to one of my biggest concepts ever! an explanation video is coming really tuned! thanks for reading this i write a new description for every video!

I really hope you liked this concept it took me 2 weeks to make and idk what you think about the animation, but im really proud of this so please leave a like!


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Clash Of Clans Free GEMS Mine? Free Gems Pump? NEW Update Idea! Farming Gameplay No Hack or Cheat

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Clash of Clans Free GEMs Mine? Clash of Clans Free GEMs pump?Clash of Clans Farming Free Gems with hacks or cheats?!?! Clash of Clans No Hack no Cheat just new idea.Do you want Free gems in Clash of Clans ? For Free Gems Like this video and hopefully supercell will put this gem mine or gem pump into the game and we can all start farming free gems!!!!! Also Farming Gameplay+ New Update Wish list idea!

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[OFFICIEL] HDV 11 Gameplay + NOUVEAU HEROS – Clash of Clans

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Nouvelle vidéo Clash of Clans sur l’HDV 11 et le Nouveau Héros (Gameplay)

C’est Officiel l’Hotel de ville de niveau 11 arrive sur Clash of Clans avec un Nouveau Héros !
Chaine de BFA Coc :

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HDV 11 Nouveau Héros Coc Clash of clan

Le code ne marche quasiment plus, juste chez certaines personnes.
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Clash of Clans – 300 BOWLER ATTACKS! Insane Gameplay

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Clash of Clans FREE GEMS! –

Bowler madness in Clash of Clans! Let’s try out 300 bowlers & demolish some bases. Not hack/cheats/glitches, just using the Supercell developer build from Finland! The bowler probably won’t be so effective when you bring 30 on the live build, but 300? OP!
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Thanks for dropping by my channel! I’ve been making Clash of Clans videos for over two years, and I’ve had a blast seeing the game and community grow. Some things you’l see on my channel –

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Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan reigns supreme over all others!

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Clash of clans – PEKKA RAID 300 level 5 (Mass gameplay)

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Clash of clans – MASS PEKKA RAID Clash of Clans 300 level 5 Pekka (Mass gameplay) Don’t miss this epic mass gameplay attack on Developer iPads !Clash of Clans Gameplay, Clash of Clans Comedy, & clash of clans attacks with me Godson Clash of Clans DAILY! If you love Clash of Clans and Mobile Games Gameplay Makes sure to Subscribe and stay tuned for more high level gameplay, tips, tricks ,& Strategies on all Mobile Games Including clash of clans & Clash Royale! Thanks for being long term fans and making this dream a reality Godson Out!

Clash of clans 300 PEKKA! This is the new level 5 pekka! ill be posting more soon.

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Clash of Clans – 300 Pekka Attack (Massive Clash Of Clans Gameplay)

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Clash Of Clans – 300 Pekka Attack (Massive Clash Of Clans Game play)

This video is recorded on self hosted version on clash of clans.

For this video we used 300 maxed level pekkas. at the moment max level is level 5 for pekkas. As per my calculations in real clash of clan game we can only make 9 pekka for time due to maximum troops spacing is just 240.

but for 300 pekka it takes 7500 troop spacing :)..

This clash of clans pekka attack was PVP one with maxed leveled base but still it just took 1min and 30 second to destroy the entire village.

After this clash of clans 300 pekka video.. we tried with 10 pekkas and with few spells to them on same village.. still with 10 pekkas we was able to destroy almost entire village..

I hope you will enjoy this video. We will come up with more clash of clans gameplay videos soon..


You will see lot of website about free gems in clash of clans or how to get free gems in clash of clans but note that strictly they are just fake websites and there is no such trick to get gems.Just play the game like a “True Gamer”

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